White shirt with half sleevesWhite shirt with half sleeves
Steel grey trousers
(Shorts up to Class 5)
Steel grey Tunics
(Till class V)
Steel Grey divided Skirts
Black shoes with laces
(Brouge / Oxford shoes)
Black shoes (Bata Bellerina)
White socks without designsWhite socks without designs
School Tie and BeltSchool Tie and Belt
BadgeRed Ribbon or Red Band
Blue turban for Sikh StudentBadge
Note: Skirts and Tunics will be box ple ated 3 cms. below the lower edges of knee.
White shirt with full sleevesWhite shirt with full sleeves
Grey woolen trousersGrey woolen skirts / trousers
Navy Blue Blazer
(Compulsory for all)
Navy Blue Blazer
(Compulsory for all)
Navy Blue Pullover
(Full sleeves 'V'shaped neck without collar)
Navy Blue Pullover
(Full sleeves 'V'shaped neck without collar)
Black shoes with lacesBlack shoes (Bata Bellerina)
Grey socks without designsGrey socks without designs
School Tie, Belt and BadgeSchool Tie, Belt and Badge
Red Ribbon or red Band
Monogram on the BlazerMonogram on the Blazer
Wednesday (House Dress)
House Shirt, white socksHouse Blouse, Red Ribbon or Red Band
White P.T. Shoes, Shorts (I - V),
Trousers (VI-XII)
White Socks, White P.T. Shoes,
Tunic White(I-V),
White divided skirt(VI to XII)